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After Action Report - S.O.B. Tactical Basic Trauma Management Course (11/19/2016)

I had the great privilege to take the S.O.B. Tactical Basic Trauma Management Course (BTMC) from Mike “Witch Doc” Voytko this past weekend down in North Carolina near Fort Bragg.  If you don’t know who Mike is, you should…because he knows his stuff.  Besides being a retired Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D), Mike currently teaches at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC).  This is the schoolhouse that produces 18Ds after a 50-week course.  Mike also had the distinction of serving on a Special Mission Unit as a Saber Squadron medic…so; to say he has some experience in trauma management is an understatement. The class started at a little after 9:00am on Saturday on a picturesque piece of property...

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