Customer Feedback

On Farage Precision Products:

I received one of the most comfortable EDC belts that I’ve ever worn a few weeks ago from my good friend Mark at Farage Precision.  A simple yet efficient design, the belt comes in several non-tactical nylon colors to suit just about everyone's taste.  What I noticed immediately was the comfort of the leather liner.  The belt came with an AustriAlpin buckle and the tail could be cut to fit.  I carry appendix most of the time and this belt provides ample support while keeping a slim appearance.  You owe it to yourself to check out the Farage Precision EDC Belt, you won’t be disappointed.

- Jason Redding, K&M Shooting Complex

On Farage Precision Training:

Having recently moved to Virginia from a state where you have a better chance to win the lottery than be issued a concealed weapons permit, I was excited at the prospect of finally obtaining a permit.  Although a permit can be obtained online in Virginia, I was not comfortable with carrying a concealed handgun without first obtaining more specific knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Although there are many qualified instructors in the northern Virginia area I decided to attend the CWP course offered by Mark Farage of based upon the recommendation of friends I work with who know Mark.

Mark provides a well thought out and illustrated course syllabus that helps guide the lecture portion of his course.  He has a very relaxed manner of teaching and is definitely not one to impose his views on others; rather he listens well and interjects his real world experience and logic where needed to help guide students learning new material.  Mark’s belief that there can be more than one right answer to a question is very welcoming and allowed the class to have a good free flowing discussion, especially in regards to the more gray areas of how and when an individual might respond to a lethal situation.

The final component of the course consists of spending one-on-one time with Mark at a local range to assess each student’s ability, and cover the basics of safety, weapons manipulation, and operation the weapon from concealed carry positions.  I have been shooting handgun for about 5 years now and have attended introduction, intermediate, and advanced level defensive handgun courses.  I enjoy the sport of shooting, but most of all I enjoy learning.  Mark is an outstanding instructor who is super approachable and working one-on-one with him was hugely productive.  Many things could be self-taught, but it is difficult to correct subtle mistakes that might only be noticeable to a well-trained 3rd-person. Mark was able help me identify and change some very minute biomechanical flaws that resulted in a drastic change in performance.  This class really pushes students to think about shooting and training, and to reflect on how to become a responsible armed citizen. To me, these are things that set Mark Farage apart from many instructors.

If someone is looking for a deeper understanding on fundamentals and responsibilities of concealed carry and wants to take a more cerebral approach to training, this is definitely a course not to miss.

- Greg Stutzer

Intimidated…you bet! I have always wanted to be able to go shoot at a range and also be able to protect my family or myself if needed; however, every time I was given a gun I was intimidated, looked at it and handed it right back saying, “cool”. Marrying a Texas, military man…it was bound to happen for me to learn and become more comfortable with guns. Last weekend, I got the amazing opportunity to do the Concealed Carry I course with Mark and he did not disappoint. I am more confident than ever with a gun and look forward to the next time at the range and getting more practice in before I do get a conceal carry once we are back in Texas. We met Mark through off-roading and from the moment my husband found out he was a certified instructor, he wanted to sign me up for Mark’s course. One of the reasons, I hadn’t taken the course before was because I wanted to be comfortable and know the person that was training me. Mark is an awesome guy to hang out with and great instructor. He made the course fun as well as informational.

The course consisted of classroom lecture with blue guns, simulation training with a laser gun (my favorite), and then range time at the Elite Shooting Sports range. The classroom time was well thought out and he provides a booklet of the PowerPoint slides to take home for future reference. He followed a course syllabus, which helped guide the lecture portion of his course and transitioned from topics smoothly. He allows time for questions and takes the time to fully explain everything so that you understand. He is not judgmental so you can ask any question you please even if you think it is dumb. That is a great aspect of the course being one-on-one. One of the biggest things that I gained from his course is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. He gave real world examples and situations in your home, car or external environment that I would not have ever thought about. The simulation training with the laser gun was awesome. Your shots are recorded and timed with a camera system and was really neat to be able to compete against yourself and improve. I went from an almost 2 second initial shot to under a second shot and still had my accuracy. And almost 4 second magazine change to 2 second change! The set up allowed you to shoot from many positions including: drawing from concealment on and off body, knees, urban, prone, back, behind concealment, and even had to focus on the target and not shooting the innocent bystander that at first caught me off guard! Finally, was the live range. You watch a short 10-minute video and then it’s action time. Even though my precision wasn’t as well as I hoped, I still hit the target and ultimately was able to handle the recoil and re-shoot.

I now feel comfortable that I will be able to protect myself and/or my loved ones if it ever came down to it. But first: Practice, practice, practice as is taught in the course is what is going to help with the precision and also going to help me decide which gun I really like and want to purchase.

Key tip: Grip is everything!

P.S: Duke and Rex (the dogs) were a pleasant welcoming committee!

- Brittany Griggers