About Us

Farage Precision was started in 2013 by Mark Farage to meet the demands of shooters looking for high-quality re-conditioned brass ready for re-loading.  As an avid competitive shooter and firearms training instructor, Mark was frustrated by his own inability to find high quality brass at reasonable prices for his own re-loading endeavors.

This frustration led to Mark purchasing once fired U.S. military brass for his own re-loading efforts.  Unfortunately, social and political trends in early 2013 led to shortages of high quality brass throughout the United States.  As such, Mark began purchasing larger quantities of brass from the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) as availability of smaller quantities decreased.

Mark finally decided to begin selling his brass on a retail level when his purchases of once fired brass from the DRMS reached quantities in excess of a ton.  As a competitive shooter, Mark understands the demands of discriminating re-loaders.  He strives to ensure each and every cartridge meets his own expectations.  If Mark won't use it, we won't sell it.

In 2015, Farage Precision began conducting limited firearms training to select agencies and civilians across various firearm platforms.  Training, with Farage Precision is a unique experience, focused on the student and learning.  Our training objective is to enable the student to kinetically learn; where they incorporate a training concept into their personal knowledge base.

In 2017, Farage Precision took its next evolutionary step by stepping into the world of design and manufacturing, creating disruptive products for the shooting community.  The goal of Farage Precision's products is to buck the trends and meet the true needs of the shooting community...not to offer what's tactically "cool" at a given time.

Mark works to treat each and every customer according to Matthew 7:12, also known as the 'Golden Rule'.