The 7P Recovery Ring
The 7P Recovery Ring
The 7P Recovery Ring
The 7P Recovery Ring
The 7P Recovery Ring

The 7P Recovery Ring


7P Overland has developed a great recovery system that can replace heavy, awkward, and often dangerous pulleys and snatch blocks.  The 7P Overland Recovery Ring system (consisting of a lightweight ring and soft shackle) is a simple design optimized for today's synthetic winch lines.  Designed to be lightweight and simple to deploy, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

What is a Recovery Ring?
The 7P Overland Recovery Ring is a simple device that is designed to provide mechanical advantage in off-road rigging and technical recovery situations. Combined with a soft shackle this system can be used to replace a conventional pulley block.  The Recovery Ring is faster, safer, and lighter than conventional and cumbersome pulleys and snatch blocks.

How does the Recovery Ring work?
The 7P Overland Recovery Ring can be used wherever you’d need a pulley or snatch block, it's designed for recovery or rigging scenarios where there is a need to change the direction of a winch line, impart mechanical advantage into a recovery or rigging scenario, or to slow down winching operations. Multiple Recovery Rings can be combined for additional mechanical advantage or to assist in highly technical recovery operations. The Recovery Ring acts as a single sheave that is attached to a recovery point by the soft shackle with the winch line running through the groove around the circumference of the ring.

What benefits does the Recovery Ring have over a conventional pulley?
It’s smaller, lighter, and most's simple.  The 7P Overland Recovery Ring has no moving parts and it is impervious to mud and other elements.  With traditional snatch blocks and pulleys, there is the constant need to ensure they are well maintained and that no debris has worked into the mechanisms.  The 7P Overland Recovery Ring eliminates those concerns, simply wipe it down or hose it off and it is ready for extreme use.

Can I use steel wire rope on a Recovery Ring?
No, the aluminum alloy will be damaged by steel wire rope; the Recovery Rings are specifically designed to be used only with synthetic winch lines.

What is the Recovery Ring made from?
All the Recovery Rings are made from 7075 aluminum alloy, with a T6 temper. This material imparts high strength and low weight, 7075-T6 is commonly used in aerospace applications. The soft shackle is made from quality Dyneema fibers (a ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), made into 12/13mm (3/8”) rope by Sampson Rope (USA), Atlantic Braids (Canada), or Marlow Rope (UK, USA).

Does the Recovery Ring get hot?
No, while there is some friction which may generate heat, the recovery process is generally pretty slow and does not approach the melting point of Dyneema fibres, which is around 150C / 300F.  The circumference of the Recovery Ring is specifically designed to eliminate heat buildup.

What are the Recovery Rings rated to?
The Blue Recovery Ring has a minimum breaking strength (MBS) of 180kN (40,465lbs).  The included soft shackle has a MBS of 72,000lbs, read that right 72,000lbs.

Our friends Tim and Kelsey at Dirt Sunrise have a fantastic video of the Recovery Ring demonstrating its use and the simplicity and strength of the design: