Welcome to the online home of Farage Precision, LLC.  Founded in 2013 to bring high quality ready-to-load cartridges to shooters all over the United States, Farage Precision, LLC strives to purchase the highest quality once fired U.S. Military brass in order to bring you the shooter the highest quality product.  We work diligently to clean, de-prime, de-crimp, re-size, and trim brass to SAAMI specifications for both 5.56mm and 300 BLK.  We encourage those using our product for reloading to reload responsibly, as reloading is inherently dangerous.  We do not pressure test our cartridges; as such we can not warrant our products for structural integrity, please use at your own risk.

In 2015, Farage Precision began conducting limited firearms training to select agencies and civilians across various firearm platforms.  Training, with Farage Precision is a unique experience, focused on the student and learning.  Our training objective is to enable the student to kinetically learn; where they incorporate a training concept into their personal knowledge base.