Young Manufacturing

Young Manufacturing (Y/M) began in 1991 and has been at the forefront in high quality Aerospace and Firearms Parts manufacturing since.  Y/M began initially as an Aerospace manufacturing company with a variety of customers including Talley Defense Systems, Allied Signal Aerospace, Honeywell, and DoD customers such as the Naval Surface Warfare center.

President and Founder Dan Young has over 35 years of hands on manufacturing experience in the aerospace industry and more than five years in Research and development for Allied Signal Aerospace.

Dan began competing in high power rifle competition in 1988 and became the 1200th civilian to earn the “Distinguished Rifleman Award” in 1995. It was a natural evolution for Y/M to meld profession with sport interest resulting in a new business line producing the finest AR-15 / M-16 sub-components in America.  On the advice of wife Debbie (Y/M majority owner), Y/M began phasing out aerospace in 2000 and has been producing top of the line firearms accessories exclusively as demand for a quality product increased.

Farage Precision recommends Young Manufacturing National Match Bolt Carrier Groups for any high-end AR build where accuracy and reliability are paramount.